Building Smarter, Safer, and Stronger Tomorrow.

We build and design easy to use low to no-code tools that automate your organization processes.

What do you need?

Service we offer that are proven to improve process performance.

Build Once, Run Continuously

Our workflow models will continue running seamlessly even as your system processes change.

Scale with Confidence

Designed to securely and reliably grow and change along with your organization effortlessly.

Data Safe Protection

Secure and HIPAA compliant data practices is the standard we operate with all organizations.

Rigorous Testing

Implement practices that result in robust, maintainable, intelligent test automation processes.

About Us

Hubnest's boundless network and ingenuity by your side.

Welcome to Hubnest, an emerging Canadian innovation agency dedicated to cutting-edge design and manufacturing solutions in the fields of Education, Healthcare, and National Defence.

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Train custom models

Curate and train models to communicate directly with users. Managing thousands of communications is now easier than ever.


Growing integration library

Explore our updated library of hundreds of integration tools. Don’t see your programs? Contact us for custom integration


Finalize Product

Our platform is designed for non-technical users in mind. The last thing we want is you to learn to use another complicated system

Our Capabilities

Easy-to-adopt tools to improve your organization’s process

We strive to be a leading robotic automation provider. Our specialized services are tailor-made to suit a wide range of needs in a dynamic market. Whether it's fast tracking industrial operations or simplifying day-to-day processes, our solutions are here to streamline your organization to new heights.

Let us show you how to revolutionize the way you work.

Why Choose Us?

If you can envision how your process can improve, we can help build it.

Beyond application tools, we also provide strategic planning, implementation, and management of solutions we propose.

We prioritize delivering smooth interactions, user satisfaction, and the successful adoption of solutions we build and manage.

Our practice focuses on security measures and policy to best protect the data transmitted within the organization.

Our Team

Think unique and be innovative. Make a difference with Sandbox.

Mark Johnson

Senior AI Engineer

Creating AI solutions that redefine the future excites me.

Jessica Taylor

Chief Data Scientist

Unleashing data's potential drives my passion for Hubnest.

Richard Rodriguez

UX/UI Designerr

Designing seamless experiences that harmonize form and function is thrilling.

Alex Evans

Automation Specialist

Turning complex tasks into efficient AI workflows keeps me motivated.

Let’s Talk

Let's join forces with a solutions-oriented mindset to elevate your processes.

By collaborating and building innovative strategies, we'll enhance efficiency and achieve remarkable results. We will join you in this journey of continuous improvement and growth. Let us show you some of the processes we have improved and the smart tools we have built.